Friday, March 19, 2010

The Cold Unites Canadians

Every Canadian knows the importance of staying warm. Virgin Mobile Unite capitalized on Canada's climate by launching the Toque Campaign. Not only do you get to do something great for the community by supporting at-risk youth and helping raise awareness for youth homelessness but you also get to keep your head nice and toasty. It's a win-win (especially in the colder areas in Canada). Virgin Mobile paired with Raising the Roof to help make sure all the homeless youth in Canada have a chance to stay warm. In Canada 65,000 youth are without much more than a toque every year.

The toques are used to help promote awareness for the campaign. It is a tactful way to connect with their target audience. The toque has a youthful feel to it with a cool, modern logo. This is part of what makes the campaign such a success. Celebrity endorsements and having a passionate, visionary at the helm of the company don't hurt either.

Richard Branson is not only the founder of the Virgin enterprise but he is also very passionate and invovled in all the CSR campaigns, including the Toque campaign. Branson's noterity and status are an asset to the campaign and along with celebrities including Lady GaGa and Cory Monteith the Toque campaign has become a great success helping to but a cap (or in this case a toque) on youth homelessness.

The Bottom Line: A picture is worth a thousand words. Having celebrity endorsements and a PR guru as big as Richard Branson is always an asset to pull off National campaigns and only helps to add to the buzz and make the toques that much more desirable. Put a toque on it!

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  1. This is a great way of using celebrity to get a message out. More people will be informed of Raising the Roof because they have used Richard Branson and Cory from Glee!!