Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Boomers Take Over Facebook

Mitch Joel, one of North America's leading digital visionaries, recently wrote a blog exploring who uses Facebook. Joel reported that there are more baby boomers than high school students using this social media application.

Joel states in his blog (Six Pixels of Separation) that baby boomers " Are taking to the Web, engaging, joining the conversation and taking part in many online communities." Many are surprised by this statement. Many believe that this generation is "technologically challenged" and would be the last to use Facebook.

Despite popular belief the number of baby boomers (aged 55 and older) has skyrocketed in the past six months from less than a million users to nearly six million. At the same time the number of college and high school students using Facebook has declined an average of 17.5 per cent.

For me these figures were not surprising. Both my parents have Facebook accounts and engage more frequently than I do and I know I'm not alone. Most of my friend's parents also have active Facebook accounts. So then why the gap between what is believed and what is reality?

I feel the reasons behind why the baby boomers use Facebook may account for the gap. Students use it mostly to socialize. The baby boomers may have ulterior motives. Yes they want to stay in touch with their children but they also want to observe what they are doing. The watchdog works best if hidden. They have a superior presence online but keep it hidden better.

The bottom line: Baby boomers then may play the role of technologically challenged but are actually savvier then us.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football's New Arena

"Who cares? It’s just a game.” This is a widely used decree for people who don't understand football culture. In my experience you are either a person who believes the previous statement or one who quivers at its use. I belong to the latter group. My house on Sunday is a flurry of football games and Pro Line tickets. All homework is done on Saturday to ensure absolute attention is paid to all games.

This same ritual is performed by numerous people across North America. Last Sunday night for the two division championship games over 11 million people tuned in to see who would battle it out in Super Bowl 44.

Being a fan is not what it used to be. Watching the games and cheering for a team (Go Colts) is no longer enough. We now have what is called the “Mega Fan”, someone who not only performs basic football rituals but also has adopted new rituals rooted within technology. These fans follow players such as quarterback Peyton Manning on twitter, erect Facebook fan groups in his honour, and build entire fantasy football teams around having him run their offense.

I have been converted. I am now a Mega fan. Bowls of munchies in my lap have been replaced by my laptop. My focus is now shared between the game in front of me and the live stats update on Which players earned me points in my fantasy pool is now just as important as who actually scored on the field. Screaming at my TV about bad calls made by coaches has been replaced with letting my frustration out on live blogs with other fans who feel the same way.

Networks such as, twitter and Facebook also allow for players to become more connected with their fans. Problems have arose from usage of these application. As a result organizations have ban twitter not only in the locker room and on the sidelines but also in the stands during training camp. Organizations do not want team secrets to end up on Twittersphere.

The Bottom Line: So maybe half of the decree is true; it is no longer, just a game.

Nfl recap 2009-2010 Season:

Colts made it all the way to the Superbowl!!! I sat in my living room in my usual spot with 20 of my closest friends. I was wearing my Manning Jersey and showing my support for my favorite sports team of all time.

Almost everyone else was cheering for the other team, but I would never betray my team. I'm sure all football fans know how this turned out. My team lost. I felt defeated. I felt sad. But after the initial shock I realized something that helps me every season: THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR.

This week was the Nfl 2010 draft. This is the first milestone of the year that gets me pumped for the 2010-2011 season.

Bottom Line: 2011 is our year, Go Colts Go!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to use Google Docs

When searching the Internet for information on "How To" use Google Docs you will come across an array of materials. Choosing which source to use should be dependent on the skill level of the user. Many You Tube videos exist with tutorials on how to use the program and all the elements that Google Docs entails. This program is useful for those collaborate with multiple people on documents or power point presentations. If you are looking for a fairly comprehensive tutorial that is easy to understand this video seems to be the best. It is the most concise and illustrates how to use Google Docs step by step.

Other video illustrations on You Tube are either to long or have demonstrators that are difficult to understand. If you are just looking for a basic overview without getting technical there are videos for you as well.
Google Docs itself has a website that illustrates everything needed to successfully use the program. This publication is quite dry and has no video aspect to it so if you have a short attention span or need visuals to help you learn this website is not for you. After you have learned how to use this website you can also learn how to embed a document
for Google Docs into another Google site.
Wakoopa is a site that offers feedback on the application and has a running feed that users can comment on.
The bottom line: The site also provides access to multiple programs that have similar software. For additional information on how to use Goggle Docs go to Nadine's blog or Mike's blog.

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