Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The New Realm of Public Relations

A new face of Public Relations is emerging with technology being at the forefront. Public relations practitioners have formally relied on print news to get the message from the company to the public. Now with the emergence of Deirdre Breakenridge concept "PR 2.0", company's are able to have conversations directly with their public concerning their brand on the internet.
Consumers are able to get involved in areas where there was previously limited access. PR can now keep the public at the top of the agenda and connect ideas and people in a way that contributes value.

The advanced technology of our time has allowed for a extremely high level of connectivity between companies and the public that has never existed before. Mitch Joel a "Rock star of digital marketing," and one of North America's leaders in digital communication, coined the concept "Six Pixels of Separation." This is a play on words regarding six degrees of separation. We are related to everyone in the world by no more than six degrees. Joel believes that the same holds true on the internet. We are never more than six pixels away from anyone else in the world.

Joel's concept reinforces the notion that with PR 2.0 an innovative class of public relations practitioners will emerge being able to but the public back in public relations through broadband connectivity.

Bottom Line: The more things change the harder it is to remember how they once were (Courtney Barnes, editor, PR news). Because of the increasing broadband connectivity throughout the word the function of public relations professions will never be the same. Get Connected!!!

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