Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to use Google Docs

When searching the Internet for information on "How To" use Google Docs you will come across an array of materials. Choosing which source to use should be dependent on the skill level of the user. Many You Tube videos exist with tutorials on how to use the program and all the elements that Google Docs entails. This program is useful for those collaborate with multiple people on documents or power point presentations. If you are looking for a fairly comprehensive tutorial that is easy to understand this video seems to be the best. It is the most concise and illustrates how to use Google Docs step by step.

Other video illustrations on You Tube are either to long or have demonstrators that are difficult to understand. If you are just looking for a basic overview without getting technical there are videos for you as well.
Google Docs itself has a website that illustrates everything needed to successfully use the program. This publication is quite dry and has no video aspect to it so if you have a short attention span or need visuals to help you learn this website is not for you. After you have learned how to use this website you can also learn how to embed a document
for Google Docs into another Google site.
Wakoopa is a site that offers feedback on the application and has a running feed that users can comment on.
The bottom line: The site also provides access to multiple programs that have similar software. For additional information on how to use Goggle Docs go to Nadine's blog or Mike's blog.

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  1. hey cool blog post.
    i had to create a google doc for the first time yesterday and i went on the ning network hoping i could find some guidance!
    it was helpful!